Sunday, January 4, 2009

somewhere i was connected to GOD on "visit to Lansdowne"

From delhi 233 km
40 km from Kotdwara

Lansdowne (5597 feet) is the beautiful place in Pauri region of Uttrakhand is like reverie or we read in fairytales. It is named after ‘Earl of Lansdowne’, a little cantonment in the hideout of pine trees is situated at the pinnacles height of 1706 meters is the finding of the Britishers as hill station founded in year 1887 AD. It is well known as the regimental center of Garhwal Rifles (GRif) the saga of brave Garhwal rifles. It is in the beautiful mountains of Dev Bhoomi Uttrakhand is tranquillizer, unscathed and one of my favorite destinations. Visiting Keylong in last trip was different because Himachal has progressed a lot in tourism business and Uttrakhand still in way.
In my gears as always a windcheater, t’s, knickers, multipurpose swiss knife water bottle and first aid kit.
My journey start from Delhi via Najibabad and Kotdwar before Lansdowne but in between I made some interesting changes in my planning just to push my self into the magical trekking of lesser known place called ‘Gumkhal’. Last time it was the vertical heights of Devriyataal Lake and flaking snow (on tour to Chopta) keep revolving in my mind. This time furious rain came in my path, but who cares I considered it as warm welcome which later cost me nausea.
This trudge gives me believe that my search for peace is in right direction as I reached the heights of these unidentified mystical treks of bhairavgarhi looks like serpent. I started this with the first light of the morning this decision is like blessing of God, morning was fantastic flock of birds chirping and showing me their presence like a background score while enjoying the picturesque views of Garhwal hills and the hardworking farmer making the fields and sowing the seeds for the next season make give me reason to take a break. On top I reached in around 2 hours from Ketukhal and I don’t want to assess this heaven path into the km. The surface was skidding but I give full credit to my shoes which I purchased last week. The fog in the morning made an exclusive morning. A red waiving flag in the pinnacle height suggest me the sign of the temple about the faith of the villagers and chanting sound suggest me how far I am. First light of the morning came at the time I reached in temple, ‘It’s your blessing..God’. Biscuit packet work for me as one of the temple staff preparing tea, we share packet with the hot tea sipping in the steel glass.

After taking rest its time is to came down but first ‘thanks’ to that person he shown me the way from where I got the bus to Lansdowne, my final destination and GMVN jindabad.
The road to Lansdowne was like painting where pine trees coming brighter after rain in dark brown on the green pastures on white paper sheet me was sitting in old jeep which keep speeding from Jehrikhal to cantt where one of my friends was waiting ; we entered badi pared ( a high profile path and military training area). Evening was very pleasant as it is the opening season of visitors. Localities are always my guide and according to them this place was know as ‘Kalu Danda’. Things are not changed pretty as this is my third visit, still the jawans in camouflage uniform and recruit performing PT in the morning kadamtal gives indication that we are in the cantonment.

Next Morning was chilling after night dipped in rain, and better to see any place in the early morning is my hypothesis to connect closely with the nature so as to look morning exercise of recruits. I then take tea at Tipsy restaurant and is compulsory in morning to break drowsiness. The better idea is to glimpse as agile hiker because the view are so entertaining you don’t want to miss.

Tip-in- top or Tiffin top is at the summit of Lansdowne and that was established by Britishers Before this had a high definition binoculars and missing from its place after they fled away from Indian soil.
What is written in my diary is blessed with the magic created by nature, “air is completely peaceful and mountains looks touching divinely looking skies and I was sitting on the Tiffin top looking milky white far shining ‘chokhamba’ like mirror peaks. It was strong recommendation coming from inside which took me to the Lansdowne”. There is arrangement of Huts at Tip-in-top by GMVN.

St Mary church is one of the oldest churches which is now opened and maintain by Garhwal rifles where pictures are on display of the British time and evolution of Lansdowne as regimental center. You can also see movie showing British raaj in Lansdowne.
While walking the aroma pine and cedar trees made me feel hundred percent energetic.
There is Bhula tal (Bhula means younger brother) which is also treat to watch in the middle of rocks which is again by the great Indian army effort. It is surrounded by pine trees and machaans. With little rain fog came close to lake made that place mystique island, I spend time there on boating for an hour.
The rich army officers’ mess and museum reminds the history of brave GRif but first you have to take permission of officer incharge.

I presented my idea to my friend to go to Jungle resort (3km from town) as I heard from others, in the evening we leave on bike and then spent time there. That was proper jungle has shaky roads, after taking dinner we came back to town.

There is Kaleshwar Mahadev mandir is must to watch downstairs to the Sadar Bazaar is the old temple of Lord Shiva and then taking road through JCO quarters and admiring beautiful sceneries of far mountains I entered to beautiful Durga Mandir (Regimental temple ). There was peace in silence and easily can feel the freshness of the atmosphere as I closed my eyes. This was the last day as I have to leave in evening but the picturesque still comes in my mind when I open those pictures of the fairyland.

‘I found for what I came here a spiritual contact”. Simply let yourself free flier in this nature with the promise that I will preserve you, it will never betray you.

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