Tuesday, January 6, 2009

“That’s how nature recall me”

Dev Bhoomi Uttrakhand

As we always heard, “nature calls” , it did. I experienced untouched beauty of the ‘Dev bhoomi’ Uttrakhand. It was one of the greatest moments start preparation for Uttrakhand for which I read alot. I had taken glimpse of Himachal Pradesh but this journey is going to be the adventures and door of mystical world. The destination was carpet peak of Chopta (2900mtrs), to hoist Indian flag on the on 26th Jan on the vertical heights. The month of January in the north India is mid of the chilling winter and we never thought of temperature is going to dip around 2º Celsius, and if decision taken to conquer on motor-bikes, spontaneous the answer will be ‘no way’. But if we mix together patriotism, courage and adventure it can produced a unified decision of Lets do it. One side 5OO km topsy-turvy stretch and snowy peaks of Uttrakhand from Delhi through Uttar Pradesh on MOTORBIKES.

Bikes were ready with some rehearsal of arranging all the helpful gears which will be beneficial for the ride. Specially a bag full of instruments related to the ‘puncture-aid’ where we are the only collaborator. Actually bikes engine also need some special attention in winter season as we bikers believe.

Parmesh who is team leader has experienced driving his bike to Leh laddakh and worlds highest road Mashmik la says, republic day is mean a lot to us that make us to do different on this auspicious day and we proudly completed our motive to hoist tricolour.

Most important that all the members are working with MNC companies in their different fields, and any person who is mature enough to handle the thrust of his bike could be the member. It is unique feature of our team who distribute all the expenses on cruising with road and biggest thing is that they have no sponsors. Like we do every year now their motive is to 1. Interact with people on the way to the destination Chopta (uttrakhand) and tell them what 26th January is all about.2. To hoist the Indian flag to share the moment to be a proud citizen of Indian Republic this means “equal rights”, Liberty, Equality and Justice.

Doing trip on bikes is very different; we have to keep limited wares but you have to keep complete gear for the surprises like puncture. Every rider must know technicality of his bike and should keep tool kit for that and according to the climate must have helmet good pair of gloves, shoes, sunglasses and keep your legal document with you. For us every road is acceptable and way has width to put both tyres but it doesn’t mean we are not concerned about our safety.

Mohit who is working with YKK limited speak had done many tours speaks the word , this is my New Year resolution and life time dream comes true after hoist the Indian flag on the high mountains taking all the challenges.

The evening of first day (23rd) was chilling that make freezing feel to the legs. The way to Khatauli and Haridwar lead the bikers to Rishikesh (muni ki reti) for the first stay. On the way some people cheers us but very much amazed in the chilling Place is very popular for water sports but we have to cover long distance next day and we need to take rest. In the night team do a small meeting for the hilly road condition for the next day. On bikes you have to drive with the co ordination and covering each other for the safe ride.

Day two (24th) Team start driving in the morning on day second now brooming of the engine speak the height of mountains and popular rafting and camping could seen clear at Biasi on the banks of river Ganga. At Devprayag we had glimpsed holy Ganga from the heights with sound of flow. We take tea from a highway dhaba that make us refresh. We had covered more than half stretch to their destination. While crossing Maletha the yellow pasture came into existence and local mud smeared houses create a postcard scene. Sincerely there is a divine power and human resurgent that keeping these biker to keep on riding.

Uttrakhand is newly emerged state but we can easily see the amount of progress in the rural areas where education is important and we are quite happy to see little children coming from school with smiling faces and cheering to see the flags on the motocycles. We take some time interacting with the common people as well student that ‘26 January is the day when India’s constitution came into force’. We will remember the hospitality of the people saying namashkar and offering us tea.

(25th) The third day bikers have to cross the challenging altitude of Tilwada and where one can easily see far snowy Chaukhamba peak of Himalayas. After crossing Ukhimath there is forest range of Duggalbitta where we surprisingly glimpsed leopard that immediately abscond to the green camouflage in seconds. We also collected some logs from roadside for the campfire and for the night.

Final day of 26th January was the day attached to the sentiment of us (bikers) who had taken all the challenges courageously, and fresh snow fall make that more difficult. Team covered last kilometers of snow filled road by feet after parking all the bikes at safe place. This was magical moment in my life when flag taken to the highest peak with cheer and national anthem sung in chorus; feel was same in every person standing ‘Proud to be citizen of India’. And at last it was the special day of our lives and ‘courage comes within’.
Rahul Verma (member of bikers team 456)

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