Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NH119, En route Lansdowne (Tadkeshwar Mahadev)

Gateway of Uttrakhand, Lansdowne (Tadkeshwar Mahadev)

Winter season passed through and summers knocking on doors, but nowhere could I possibly found the reason to come out from shell to start another journey.  Little rains in parts of North India gave some push to my thought to make- up my mind and to become the reason to excel through NH 119.

I want you to stay alert, you should plan first according to monsoon and not deliberate risk during this season especially in hills it could be fatal to spoiled your adventurous journey (experienced on tour to Kibber Himachal).

The national highway-NH 119  joins  Meerut  through large chunk of Uttar Pradesh to set passage to Uttrakhand (via Meerut-Bijnor-Najibabad –Kotdwar). Bag packing is wholesome work before taking on journey to the hills where you always unpredictable just I was not sure of rain in the mid of journey. As always the map reading is necessary to make up you mind so I made my pit stops around Lansdowne and Gumkhal treks. On last tour I heard about ‘tadkeshwar mahadev’ situated on the tiresome height surrounded by pine jungle. (Tad=pine tree), my destination en route Lansdowne.
Night Bus frequency ensures me on saving a day and surpassing from the heavy day traffic. I found roadways buses (UP roadways) little shaky, free handed designed and patched but in any journey the thing is you are moving atleastJ. Buses with ‘more sound and less speed’. In night there is strict police checking of flashing torch light in whole bus, I found very smooth road upto little Dhaba at Mirapur. Preparing for morning ride on hills I make sure some sleep before Kotdwar, i felt little cold.

Day 1 starts for me at the private bus stoppage at Kotdwar. GMOU Ltd. is prominent name in Uttrakhand and solution of transportation in vast hill areas after the limited state roadways service. I found bus to Lansdowne which is around 40 kms is cantonment know as regimental center of valiant Garhwal rifle. Morning was o’some on the road moves like black snake with the jungle of pine tree fragrance travel through the air. It is on the height of 1706 meters that why bus driver was doing effort to keep the momentum in the bursting sounds of engine with safety what more I was also busy in decoding Garhwali song and the nod of the head by some co passengers. At beautiful village Jehrikhal before Lansdowne known for lonesome degree college, students come from far flung villages. After about 7 km here comes the entrance to the cantonment, strict rules and discipline what army known for. The Jawans standing in security position arms in front of training ground gesturing not to stand or stop due to some reason…"keep moving”.
Halt was cantt. and places of interest are Bhula Tal (lake), army mess, churches, museum and tip in top are on same rout, Kaleshwar mandir and regiment temple are on either side. Walking on road is like a peace walk - full of vegetation, filtered air with the fragrance of pine, oak and deodar.

Day 2
Day will be little harder but full of sight seeing what I considered the “Bhairav garhi” trek; rain could shatter all the dreams. In hill area keep your option open for transportation. Private taxis run to and fro between the place call Ketukhal and I leave early because to comeback in time. As always I suggest start your journey in early morning then count your actual time to reach the final destination. Morning as always mild and little chilling what we call ‘perfect’ the Gods creation and everything looks faultlessly placed before I enter. Through my guides (locals) done my rout reading.

Tadkeshwar Mahadev my dream destination is around 30 km from Lansdowne surrounded by pine, oak, and deodar full of forest coverage. At the high vegetation changed. The works of road preparation for around 3 kms from main road give break to the sound speed. Only few shops of tea breakfast are just before the thick forest entrance are the only human population. We found downstairs entering the forest with the little chime sound. Far inside forest cover little whitish building became the first sign of temple. Steps became more confident with the presence of passer by who told us complete way up to temple. Sound of bells become more clear and so as the ‘stupa’ kind of round shaped temple surrounded with the hundreds of bells presented by the devotees. The only source of water or ‘holy water’ belongs to lord Shiva. Somebody praised the beauty and it was more than his feeling that I feel, quite magical. I want to wrap more and more by my eyes and capture from camera. After taking blessing and ‘prasada’ from punditji we took some rest in the lap of serenity. In time we came back to the halted cantt area, no commitment still but i will try to come back again.

Lansdowne known as “kaludanda” in local language; (as always locals are my guide but obviously cross check is necessary). I loved walking across the roads maintained by army, the slow walk up to the firing range and the sunset watching at Rathi point.

Its been great time again at UK … I travel the simplest I can because I always admire the natural beauty which lies in keeping things simple and freely.

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